Cookie Policy


We use cookies on our website to improve your user experience. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or other device when you visit a website. The purpose of cookies is to improve your user experience and to facilitate the use of the website. Cookies allow us, for example, to recognize your device when you return to the page and remember your preferences and choices, so that you do not need to re-enter information.

Essential cookies

Some cookies are necessary to enable the basic functionality and use of our website and do not collect information about the user. The website will not function properly without these cookies, which are enabled by default and cannot be deleted.

Preference cookies

Preferences cookies allow a website to store information that can tailor the appearance or behaviour of the website to the user (e.g., language selection).


The website uses Matomo Analytics for statistical purposes, which monitors, among other things, how visitors use our website (e.g. the most visited pages). Statistical information is used to improve the functionality of our website and to improve the content of the website to better meet the needs of users.

Matomo Analytics enables the collection of visitor data without cookies. The data is anonymized and is not shared with third parties.

The information is not used for identification purposes, and the information describing the use of the site is under the control of the site’s webmaster.

Matomo Analytics collects the following data, among others:

  • Country and city
  • Device and browser
  • Pages you visit
  • Duration of visit

We store data collected by Matomo Analytics for six (6) months. By accepting the use of this tool, you help us to further develop our website.

You may choose to prevent this website from aggregating and analyzing the actions you take here. Doing so will protect your privacy, but will also prevent the owner from learning from your actions and creating a better experience for you and other users.

Shariff Wrapper social media plug-in

On our website, we offer you the opportunity to use social media sharing buttons. To protect your information, we use a solution called Shariff. The sharing buttons are implemented as static images that contain a link to the corresponding social media site. If you click on such a button, you will be redirected to that social media site in the same way as via a regular link. Only then will the social media provider receive information about you, such as your IP address. If you do not click on this sharing button, the information will not be transmitted. Further information on the collection and use of your data can be found in each service provider’s terms and conditions. More information about the add-on and Shariff solution can be found here:

We offer sharing buttons on our website for the following services/companies: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and WhatsApp.