The pay rises 2023 – 2025

Without general pay rises, your pay could treat water

The main contractual parties on the employee side and Finnish Education Employers have approved the settlement reached last Friday for the universities’ new collective agreement for the period 1 April 2023–31 March 2025.

General increases

General increase on September 1, 2023, by 3.5%. General increase on March 1, 2024, by 2.0%. 

One-time instalment

Full-time employees will be paid, as a one-time instalment, 12.6% of their monthly salary in March 2023. However, the amount of the one-time instalment will be at least 400 euro. The one-time instalment will be made in connection to the payment of salaries in May. 

Local instalment

The size of the local instalment as of December 1, 2024, is 0.5%. The amount of the local instalment is determined according to the wages and salaries sum for September 2024. The size of the local instalment is calculated separately from the payroll of each category of personnel.

The use of the local instalment is discussed with the chief shop stewards and used in a manner decided by the employer for the job-specific pay component, including the pre-existing job-requirement bonuses, or the personal pay component.

The local instalment can be agreed locally otherwise with the chief shop stewards. The agreement must be made in writing by September 30, 2024.