Your shop steward represents and helps you

The shop steward ensures that employees are treated fairly and equally

A shop steward represents employees in the workplace. He or she negotiates, agrees, mediates and communicates between employees and employer. Your shop steward helps you in all employment-related matters, and always does so in confidence.

Your employer is required to respect the employment terms in force. As the employees’ representative, a shop steward oversees the employer’s compliance with:

  • universities’ general collective agreement
  • employment legislation
  • terms of the collective agreement
  • other employment terms

The shop steward ensures that employees are treated fairly and equally, and, if necessary, advises and supports members in employment and in resolving changes and problems.

When can you consult your shop steward?

Your shop steward helps and advises members of JUKO unions when they have questions about their work or employment terms. Indeed, your shop steward is generally the first link between you as a union member and your employer. Problems are often solved at the workplace level with the help of a shop steward.

Some of the issues a shop steward advises members about: 

  • working time 
  • salary
  • grounds for fixed-term contracts
  • other employment terms
  • warnings